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PLAYGROUND pres. Live At Robert Johnson

Roman Flügel



+Martin Noise



Playground presents a very special showcase from the well-known label of the mythic Frankfurt club.Live At Robert Johnson officially lands in Barcelona to celebrate the ‘OFF-WEEK-END’ at the iconic open air club La Terrrazza.
For this long-awaited occasion will have the German maestro Roman Flügel, the unbeatable Lauer and the space disco queen Shubostar playing alongside the Playground residents’ Martin Noise and Cisco.
Get ready for a night to remember in Barcelona’s hottest week of the year.


One of the biggest names in the German electronic music scene. Active since the early 1990’s, Flugel is a chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/idm to house, techno, electro and leftfield. Works solo or with long time partner Jorn Elling Wuttke…

Roman also champions the cause of this in his job as an entertainer. Tried and tested by the stadium and pop hit “Rocker”, Flügel and Wuttke can be proud of being able to set any auditorium in the world on fire with their live set. DJ Roman Flügel can say the same of himself. Be it his sets at Offenbach’s Robert-Johnson, Amnesia on Ibiza or Berlin’s Tollhaus Berghain/Panorama Bar: instead of disappearing in trivial and meaningless elevator clicks, he prefers to make his way through 20 years of “rave”. Contemporary music that includes bleeping house or quirky techno meets futuristic Italo-disco and electronica devoid of all provenance. There was a time when you’d call that kind of sound acid house, released cheaper by the dozen on compilations. It all turns full circle again.

Phillip Lauer made his full-length debut in 20132 with Phillips on fellow Gerd Janson’s highly effective low-key house and gliding disco label, Running Back. Lauer’s other projects include Arto Mwambe (half with Christian Beisswenger), Destroyer, Filiberto Marmelade, Lauer & Parker and Tuff City Kids, which he shares with Gerd himself. Although Brontosaurus may be his best known alias thanks to his remixes on the Rekids label or Needwant Recordings.

The girl from outer space brings her cosmic music to the earth.
Hailing from South Korea, Shubostar has been immersing herself in the ever evolving underground scene. Her electric music taste spans various style but her music has a common theme of ‘ Cosmic’. It could be defined her music style as Cosmic disco – A base of disco but with more techno elements, often referred to as Dark Disco. 2018, She decided to launch her own label ‘uju Records’ with Korean painter Daryung kim, inviting her favorite artists in the genre.

Martin Noise is a DJ / Producer from Buenos Aires, based in Barcelona, dedicated to the research and the experimentation of new sounds oriented to the dancefloor. From downtempo songs to listen at home, through music inspired by the new wave, the creative force of the jungle, the power of organic elements and psychedelic experimentation to the most convincing music for the club.

He is one of the founders of @playgroundrecords and its current director.

Francisco Castorina is an Argentinian DJ, curator and music journalist based in Barcelona.
CISCO is the binding pseudonym of a variety of music personalities that have always been serving the dancefloor. He is an eclectic selector who mixes rhythms and styles such as post disco, electronic funk, outsider house, downtempo cuts, psychedelic synth excursions, club experiments and much more. Each set is always a new possible tale, leaving genre atavisms aside.

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