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Rush Hour x DROP



+Sassy J

+Awanto 3

+ Beniso

Vince Void+

Electronic / Obscure House / House / Techno


DROP is a Barcelona-based dance music movement celebrating true dance music culture. We welcome all those with open minds and open hearts to join the ritual. Let us take you on a musical journey through the history of House, Disco, Funk, Soul and Groove from the lofts of Chicago, Detroit and NY winding up in the basements of Berlin, Amsterdam and London. Our philosophy is simple: ‘Music is made for dancing, and everybody is equal on the dancefloor». Turn off your phone, turn on your heart, let’s dance.

▂▂ Rush Hour ▂▂

As a record store, distributor and label, Rush Hour has cultivated itself into a haven for music lovers worldwide since 1997. The reputation Rush Hour has built mainly comes from the fact that first and foremost Rush Hour focuses on music they totally believe in and have a love for. Their Amsterdam store is renowned for its pop-up DJ sets with artists like Carl Craig, Antal, Ben UFO, Tom Trago & more.



Watching him dj – it’s clear that Hunee has a very close relationship with the dancefloor. Hunee takes the dancefloor on a musical journey that transcends time and place. There is an explorative energy in his dj sets that is geared towards making each set become its own unique animated being that breathes and pushes forward. It is precisely this versatility that has lent him modern legend status. Not to be missed.


Antal Heitlager is the co-founder of the legendary Rush Hour Music based in Amsterdam. Preferring not to put a name to his style, the most he’ll concede is that the music is soulful and can be from any country in this world….strap in for a masterclass from a true selector and contemporary master.

Sassy J

Sassy J has a colourful and charming sound informed by her simple and honest love of music and emotion. As well as being a DJ, she is also a promoter and runs her own night ‘Patchwork’ in her hometown Bern. For those events she herself creates the artwork for each party and has a passion for sewing one off pieces of clothing that marry many different textures and styles in compelling ways, much like she mixes her records. Sassy J has been doing her thing for 20 years and understands the craft like few others. Driven by a feel for the occasion, a passion to present new sounds and desire to leave a mark on her audience, she always excites and surprises.

Awanto 3

Pinning down Steven de Peven aka Awanto 3 is not an easy task.

Maybe it isn’t something one should do to anyone anyway, but in Steven’s case it’s just downright impossible Steven is what you might call a true ‘release beast’ and not just of music that is. Innovating things is what he thrives on, which resulted in the release of books and music, the start of interesting collaborations, him diving into the world of multi-media and even opening up a shop. His first release on  with Rush Hour, “Pregnant”, marked the switch to the alias “Awanto 3”, where he has since bloomed and released more productions.


Beniso is renowned for soulful House grooves and bassy rhythms. His sets pay homage to the real underground House scene of New York, Detroit and Chicago with his high-energy yet artfully selected dance-floor killers that’ll keep your feet stomping, and classic tunes chopped, sampled and overlayed to perfection.  The Parisian born DJ and promoter is one of the creative forces behind DROP Dance Society. The sound of D.R.O.P through and through – prepare yourself for irresistibly dance-ready music.

Vince Void

Merging the essence of the past with the intensity of today, Vince Void creates music that coalesces a wide palette of cultures, resources, and styles. Listening to his DJ sets feels like taking a journey into an array of musical genres and time periods. His productions guide listeners through an eclectic musical pilgrimage that ranges from African edits to a swirlpool of acid house and Italo disco. A member of “Cúpula Recordings” and DROP crew member, the French-Catalan DJ has also released on labels such as Simplexia & Italo Moderni.

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